EuroQuest Travel Angels guide you through a full array of travel experiences, including customized and independent foreign and domestic travel, as well as escorted, cultural and educational, adventure, spiritual programs and much more. 

We create hundreds of compelling itineraries every year and tailor trips based on your preferences to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

What is a "TRAVEL ANGEL"?  

We are Not your cookie cutter travel agents!

- Our "Travel Angels" are very well traveled, stayed in 4 and 5 star hotels in over 100 countries combined.  So you can have a meaningful conversation with your personal Travel Angel who will listen to you and understand your needs, and at the same time, be able to make insightful recommendations and suggestions to make your experience "Heavenly".

- Travel Angels watch over you, and your family before, during and after your travels.  Travel Angels are very hands on and fanatical about making sure that your travel experience goes smoothly.  And it's not because your trip ended that we stop there.  We want to know how your travels went, how you enjoyed the accommodations, and where we could have improved the services booked.

- Travel Angels are your personal Travel Assistant.  They work for you, not the suppliers, and can be reached 24/7, even across time zones.

- Travel Angels save you precious time in researching the ideal locations, venues and experiences.  Further more, we have contracts with every single airline, and relationships with many high end hotels, saving countless hours of research.

- Travel Angels will create a "Travel Profile" based on your likings and preferences.  The more we know about your habits while you travel, the better the suggestions and choice of venue and experience will be. 

vacations beyond the ordinary


The EuroQuest Travel Angels place a heavy emphasis on exceptional customer service and destination expertise, offering a wide range of value-added products and addressing clients' needs that are not being met by any single entity in the marketplace.​ 

This means that we are with you every step of the way - from the planning stages, to your enjoying the adventure of your dreams, and beyond - personally anticipating and fulfilling your needs throughout your trip!